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Inappropriate Analogy

Inappropriate Analogy

We were appalled by David Harris’ irresponsible invocation of the Soviet practice of “airbrushing” in his letter to the editor (July 20).

For a Jewish leader of Harris’ stature to compare the omission of his American Jewish Committee from a Jewish Week story to the Soviet regime’s deliberate expunging of its opponents from the historical record — often in the wake of their torture and murder — demonstrates how easily vanity spirals into moral myopia.

We Jews are rightly concerned by inappropriate analogies with the Holocaust; that should make us extra sensitive to the cavalier use, as a literary device, of the horrors of Soviet oppression, especially in light of the USSR’s historic mission to annihilate Jewish culture and identity.

If Harris is, as he claims, a student of Russian and Soviet history, perhaps he might consider a refresher course.

Bart Rudnick Bedford, N.Y.

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