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In The Theaters

In The Theaters

Purim Spoof 2011

Adam’s Family – The first couple is evicted from Eden
American Yidiot – Jews with a goyishe kup
The Book of Maimon – Rambam
gets published
Chrain – Tribute to the rock band Gefilte Phish
Minyan-Man: Turn Off the Lights –
Life of a synagogue shammes
The Merchant of Venison –
Kosher butcher expands his stock
Driving Miss Raizy – Jewish woman
and her limousine
Minyan Dollar Quartet – Four collectors
on the shul circuit
That Championship Seasoning –
Bake-off winner uses kosher salt
The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here
for Another Six Hours – Passengers
on the Meat Train wait to transfer
Love, Loss, and What I Tore – Mourners discuss the garments they ripped for shiva
The Importance of Being Bernie –
Aftermath of the Madoff scandal