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If You’re Going To San Francisco

If You’re Going To San Francisco

Here’s another film festival — a Jewish film festival — hijacked by anti-Zionist Progressives who do their best Joe Wilson and Kanye imitations, consistently shouting down a pro-Israel speaker.

That was back in July. This week, five Jewish film festival board members resigned,
noting the lack of civility and direction of the festival.

And while we’re looking at San Francisco, you may have read about the anti-Israel boycotters there earlier this summer. But until you see these Progressives in action, “de-shelving” Israeli products from a food store (part of their fight against Israeli “apartheid”), you can’t fully comprehend what all the loose talk about Israeli apartheid — by everyone from Jimmy Carter to Jewish Progessives — is unleashing in America.

Someone e-mailed that it’s not just the left that’s anti-Israel (anti-Semitic), it’s the right as well. That was surely the case in the past, and may very well be the case in the future. But right now, the evil wind is overwhelmingly blowing from the left. That is the direction from which comes the overwhelming number of disruptions of Israeli speakers across the continent, the overwhelming number of intellectual justifications for abandoning Jerusalem and ostracizing Israel, and the source of anti-Israeli hooliganism such as in the YouTube from Trader Joe’s. Now is the time for us to stand sentry against this assault. If ever the assault comes from the right, we’ll readily aim in that direction. In the meantime, the pirates are attacking portside. The many wonderful Jewish leftists whose disputes with Israel are l’shaym shamayim have no trouble understanding this, and they stand up for Israel against the other leftists whose disputes are rooted in more mysterious places.

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