Hungary Fires Official Over Chanukah Incident

Hungary Fires Official Over Chanukah Incident

Hungarian authorities ousted a police official this week for issuing a permit allowing an anti-Semitic protest by more than 100 skinheads in a downtown Budapest square that prevented members of Chabad from lighting a Chanukah menorah there, according to the World Jewish Congress.
There was no physical altercation but the skinheads blocked the square. Only after the skinheads left an hour later did the lighting take place on the sixth night of Chanukah.
Avi Beker, secretary general of the World Jewish Congress, noted that the confrontation occurred just two weeks after he and other WJC members met with Hungarian officials to discuss ways in which the countryís anti-racism legislation could be strengthened.
The dismissal of the police official ìmeans they are serious about it, Beker said.

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