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How to survive J’lem’s newest traffic

How to survive J’lem’s newest traffic

It’s good to see that some people still have a sense of humor.

As of Saturday night, as all Jerusalemites are angrily aware, the cities buses were all rerouted from Jaffa Road – where light rail tests are now under way – to the parallel Agripas and Haneviim streets, which were already entirely clogged with traffic.

En route to ulpan this morning, traffic was crawling along so frustratingly slowly that our driver pulled quite a funny stunt. This guy happens to be one of my favorite drivers on the #18 route, as I’ve certainly seen him making jokes or rowdy conversation with oncoming passengers in the past.

But this morning his stunts were unrivaled.

Mid-traffic, he swung open the front door to the bus, hopped out and purchased a huge laffa bread with zeitar spices at the bread stall on Agripas just next to the Meurav Yerushalmi mixed meat place and the humble abode of Beit Jewlicious.

Giant laffa in hand, the driver reemerged victorious in his seat. And rather predictably, traffic had not moved an inch since he was gone.

A few minutes later, as we crawled to a stop once again just a bit further along, our comedian of a driver rolled down his window to pass over a piece of his prize to a bus driver heading in the opposite direction.

The whole bus load of passengers exploded into a unanimous fit of laughter. It might have taken us an hour to travel what before Saturday would have been 10 minutes, but at least we got some entertainment along the way.

Meanwhile, I have no idea how these drivers are tolerating the unbearable traffic that they’ll now have to battle every second of their day. I mean, that laffa did look quite good, but I’m not sure it’s ample consolation prize for having to drive on this new disaster of a route.

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