How To Find Liberty And Exaltation

How To Find Liberty And Exaltation

Courtesy of Getty Images
Courtesy of Getty Images

If you have been seen
and then overlooked
because of the way
your body just looks
and know how it feels
to be told to shrink
spoken for, but not
asked what you think
hidden by walls, skirts
and divisions
chosen, but alas!
not part of the decision!
bred to believe
that you are one less
and powerful leaders
cannot wear a dress
labeled hysteric
when you just confess
to being ignored
you duly contest
then someone decides
where you belong
but isn’t that the joy
of Miriam’s song?
that the world ‘round
can spin as it fits
but people within it
must fight with their wits
and find true meaning
beyond the veneer
depth over beauty
and love in what’s near
what stuns me the most?
the fear in their eyes
when a fresh idea
just can’t be defied
they draft up a law
a ruling it’s signed!
like a king’s decree
that withers with time
yet day in and out
these wise teachers stand
and carefully walk
a line drawn in sand.
the point of our Law
outweighs man’s ego
status and power
much like a placebo
hoarded, consumed and
one brims with self love
feel holy and great
high on this drug
forgetting the unity
in God’s creations
and the gen’ral need
for denominations
to be invited
into the debate
Hillel and Shammai
on the same page
we speak to the need
for diverse leaders –
but it’s hard to be heard
from up in the bleachers
so, for all of us
who stand firm and strong
let’s grab a timbrel
and shake with our song
because if we find
in our vast hist’ry
the stone cast aside
is what builders need
so much of our feeds
are flooded with hate
now’s not the time
to differentiate
why are we still
addressing this topic
it’s really just weird
someone had to mock it 🙂

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