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How Hot Are Yeshiva High School Girls? Very, Say Fall Fashionistas (And All The Young Dudes)

How Hot Are Yeshiva High School Girls? Very, Say Fall Fashionistas (And All The Young Dudes)

Associate Editor

One former yeshiva high school girl — now blogging as "The Man Repeller" — notices that "Fall Fashion Channels Yeshiva School Girls."

"When I graduated an Orthodox Jewish day school in 2007," she writes, "I vowed to burn any and all remnants of the wardrobe that tormented my high school years. This included some twenty long black floor length straight skirts…. Since graduation, I’ve made it my business to bare my legs, thighs, even ass on occasion. But when maxi skirts started peeking on to runways and the Tuilerie Gardens last fashion week, I knew I was doomed. Doomed, I tell ya."

And that chic model "channeling a rabbi on the head and a Jewish girl on the legs just seems right. But also so wrong."

Finally, she admits, "if ever there was proof that I am slave to Man Repelling fashion, this is it," as she slips back into the long skirts, well below the knees, "making my high school teachers proud."

I don’t recall too many guys being repelled by what the girls were wearing.

Man repeller? Here’s my man’s perspective. As it says in the Psalms, "I was young but now I’m old," riding the autumn roads of Route 17. Generations come and generations go, but this is as true as it gets: Some of the finest, most interesting, most beautiful people I ever knew came out those yeshiva high schools. "And you won’t make me jealous if I hear that they’ve sweetened your night. We weren’t lovers like that and besides, it would still be all right."

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