Hospice Support

Hospice Support

As the daughter of a mother who was, and a father who is, a patient of the Metropolitan Jewish Hospice, words alone cannot do justice (“More Jewish Options For End-Of-Life Care,’” June 4).

Losing my mother in January and currently dealing with my dad’s declining health has taken its toll, but what keeps me going is the supportive hospice team. We have been together for simchas as well as the difficult times. I have heard people shy away from the word “hospice” out of fear. It is sad that some people deal with these end-of-life situations without such wonderful support. It makes a tremendous difference. 

My parents’ wish to remain at home as their health declined could only be honored because of the expertise of the Metropolitan Jewish Hospice. They are staffed by devoted professionals with great sensitivity to the needs of the patient as well as the needs of other family members. This team of rabbi, nurse, social worker, music therapist and art therapist has become integral parts of our lives since January 2009. Their availability is most comforting and supportive.



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