Honor To Host Ringling Bros. Chef

Honor To Host Ringling Bros. Chef

It was such an honor for us to host Matt [Loory] for Kol Nidre services (“He Feeds The Greatest Show On Earth,” March 7.) Getting Matt’s call was great — it almost sounded like a prank. Come on, really? A Jewish young man working for the circus?

I give kudos, though, to Matt, his parents and the Jewish experiences he had before he took his job with Ringling. It takes a lot of courage to simply call a synagogue and a rabbi when you are in a strange town in order to connect for a holiday or Shabbat. It made it easier, because Matt’s home rabbi was a friend of mine and suggested to him that he call. Though Matt’s job is unique and colorful, it is indicative of the millennial generation that is far more mobile than previous generations. I would love to get calls every year from young Jews who are new to Kansas City, happen to be in K.C., or are just passing through and need a place to connect. I would also want to believe that rabbis throughout the country would respond in kind with an invitation of “Just Join Us” when they get a call from a young person seeking to connect.

I hope that Matt — or other Jewish Ringling workers — stop by again when the circus is in town.

Congregation Beth Shalom Kansas City, Kan.

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