Hitting A Home Run

Hitting A Home Run

I enjoyed reading about Rabbi Beni Krohn’s premise (“God’s Favorite Player,” Oct. 12) that “consistency” is what scores a home run in Judaism. To back up his point, the introduction of Ayin Yaakov relates the story about a discussion concerning which is the most all-inclusive sentence in the whole Torah. Ben Zoma says, “Hear o Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Ben Nanas says, “Love your fellow as yourself”.

Ben Pazi surprises them both by saying “You shall offer one lamb in the morning and the other lamb towards evening,” referring to the daily sacrifices in the Temple. After much debate, Ben Zoma and Ben Nanas both defer to Ben Pazi.

To bring it home a little, the inspiration of the High Holiday season is great, but the challenge for all of us is to figure out what we can do so the ‘high’ part of the holidays will elevate our lives, our family and community for the rest of the coming year.

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