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Hitler, Everywhere: A List

Hitler, Everywhere: A List

Hitler featured on Swiss coffee creamers are just one of many products bearing the Nazi leader's likeness.

It's not enough that Switzerland was "neutral" during the war, now they have to put Hitler on their coffee creamer?

Customers discovered the containers in German cafés and Swiss train stations, according to The New York Times; some creamers also featured the face of the Italian Fascist leader, Mussolini.

Migros, the Swiss manufacturing company of the dairy creamers, quickly issued a statement of apology stating that it was an oversight on their behalf and an “unforgivable incident.”

What's more, coffee cramer is just one of many recent Nazi-themed products.

Hitler toilet paper.

1. Hitler-themed toilet paper: In an attempt to satirize the German leader, George Bruchrucker, a provocative German artist created toilet paper featuring the face of Hitler in 2012. Although the toilet paper was a hit, Bruchrucker received major backlash from anti-Semitism campaigners who marked the product as making light of the Holocaust.

Italian Fuhrer labeled wine: secretsofthefed.com2. Hitler booze: Lunardelli, an Italian company sold wines labeled with Nazi slogans and pictures of the Nazi leader. There was uproar from leaders from the Simon Wiesenthal Center who called on distributors to boycott the wine label. The Nazi-themed booze falls in line with other bottles from the brand that has also featured Stalin and Che Guevara. The Nazi-Labeled wine was the latest addition of what the brand titled as their “Historical Series.”

German mugs featuring Hitler stamp: nbcnews.com3. Hitler mugs: Last spring, a German furniture company received major flack for selling ceramic mugs that featured a faint image of a Nazi-era stamp with the face of Hitler and a swastika. The Zurbueggen furniture chain immediately apologized for the mistake and blamed the Chinese designer of the cups. The chain then destroyed the unsold cups.

4. More Than Slurpees: Over 4,000 7-11 locations in Taiwan sold a series Hitler-themed key-chains, USB drives, and magnets. At first the world-famous franchise tried to cover-up the unmistakable infamous image of the Fuhrer with his outstretched hand claiming that it wasn’t actually Hitler's.

5. Hair Hitler: Biomen shampoo, a popular Turkish shampoo brand, featured advertisements for their shampoo in 2012 starring Hitler.

Zara bag with swastika imprint: Swastika swag- Between the Sears-promoted Swastika ring and Zara’s swastika imprinted handbags, Hitler sure seems to be trending. Both companies ultimately withdrew the items.

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