Hip Kosher Mason & Mug Closes

Hip Kosher Mason & Mug Closes

The small plates place doesn't have a future in Brooklyn.

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Mason & Mug, the hip, kosher small plates café in Prospect Heights, has shuttered its doors.

“With a heavy heart and mixed emotions, we are closing the coolest little kosher bar in town — Mason & Mug,” read a statement posted on their Facebook page.

When the restaurant opened in late October of 2013, founders Itta Werdiger Roth and Sasha Chack hoped to fill a culinary void for hip, kosher-keeping Jews in New York City. The 30-seat space with an open kitchen and outdoor patio served small plates of vegetarian “global street food” and a selection of locally brewed beer and kosher wines.

“We’re proud that our menu emphasized local, seasonal and organic fare, introduced innovative techniques to new and classic foods — all in a hip way — which is exactly what was missing from the kosher restaurant world,” read the announcement. “We hope that our message that kosher restaurants should not be afraid of pushing the envelope will continue.”

Though Mason & Mug could not be reached for comment, the statement cited “putting family first” as their reason for closing.


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