Hillel And J Street

Hillel And J Street

In your Editorial about Eric Fingerhut’s decision to withdraw from the
upcoming J Street Conference, I’m not sure which of two remarks made me laugh
(or cry) harder (“Pulling Out Of J Street Conference,” March 13).

First, you worry that the incident will tarnish Hillel’s
image. Rest assured, not sharing a podium with blatant Israel-bashers like [former Sec. of State James] Baker and [Palestinian Authority spokesman Saeb] Erekat is a moral and
principled stance that can only enhance one’s image. Second, you claim that
the “culture of the college campus is one of openness, placing the highest
value on free speech.” Really? Has The Jewish Week not been following events on
college campuses around our country? Ever hear of UCLA and Rachel Beyda? Brandeis and Daniel Mael? Free speech and openness?

For politically correct
speech, sure. For Jews and supporters of Israel, not so much.


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