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Here’s To 69

Here’s To 69

A poem to honor the never-ending celebration of Israel.

68 years
Is hard to comprehend
Despite the troubles others send
And the hands they never lend
And here's to 69

The Six Day War
Was a very hard fight
But we used all our might
Every day and every night
And here's to 69

And yet so many times
They still poke at our struggles
And make fun of our troubles
Their loss it still doubles
And here's to 69

And after time
After all of these hard years
Filled with problems and tears
And bomb threats and fears
And here's to 69

The Western Wall
It belongs to us
Arabs don't make a fuss
There is nothing to discuss
And here's to 69

Israel’s our own
Even though it's not perfect
We still give it respect
Our love we inject
And here's to 69

So realize I'm here
And don't tell me I'm mistaken
It's time you awaken
And realize we're not shaken
And here's to 69

You will never break Israel
And we'll keep on praying
We're here for the staying
Even when you are preying
And here's to 69

68 years
Is hard to comprehend
But here till the end 
We will still love our friend
Despite the troubles you send
And the hand you never lend
And here's to 69


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