Helping Limmud Get Started
Letters to the editor

Helping Limmud Get Started

Many thanks for Gary Rosenblatt’s informative column about the recent Limmud Festival (“At Flagship LimmudUK, An Antidote For A Hard Year,” Dec. 29).

As one who attended a previous LimmudUK event, I can attest to the expanse of its program and the dedication of its volunteers.

Your readers may not be aware of one important element which played a role in catalyzing the Limmud experience.

In 1979, a team of three future Limmud leaders attended the August CAJE Conference which convened that year at Rutgers University. (CAJE was then known as the Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education.)

Their mission was to scout out the CAJE event in order to gain ideas for something they were considering for the UK.

Shortly thereafter the first Limmud event was offered.

In a spirit of collaboration for several years thereafter, the leaders of CAJE and Limmud offered complimentary slots to each other’s events as a way of generating some cross-fertilization.

CAJE Executive Director, 1981-2006

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