Hatred, Not Settlements, Key To Conflict

Hatred, Not Settlements, Key To Conflict

The premise of Edith Everett’s Letter (“One State Not The Answer,” Jan 13) ignores the fact that long before there were settlements, the Arabs opposed the Jewish state. The settlements were never an obstacle to peace. It is a catch word to simplify the conflict, to give credence to the hostility of the Palestinians… since the establishment of the State of Israel.

The Jewish population of the West Bank is 8 percent of the overall population. In Israel, Arabs are about 20 percent of the population, and Israel remains democratic. If the Palestinians want peace, there is no reason they cannot establish a viable state and retain a 7 percent population of Jews. Is it really permissible for any established country to be free of all Jews? Isn’t that anti-Semitism of the worst kind?

Lake Worth, Fla.

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