Haredim Should Serve In The Army

Haredim Should Serve In The Army

I do not believe there is any rational basis for one segment of society to not only assume the financial burden of supporting another segment, but the hardships of military service as well, simply because the recipients think it more important to study Torah (“Culture War Widening In Israel,” Between the Lines, June 7).

Torah study is laudable, but it can easily be accomplished on a part-time basis. There is no need for a culture war over whether the haredim [fervently Orthodox] in Israel should be forced into military service under pain of being imprisoned for refusing to serve. The solution is simple. Haredi leadership should recognize their responsibility and agree to a formula for the gradual integration of their members into the military. Such service is not for life and will not interfere with a continued interest in Torah study. A two-tiered society can never work.

Flushing, Queens


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