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Hamas Asks Gilad Shalit For His Lunch Money — And Gets It

Hamas Asks Gilad Shalit For His Lunch Money — And Gets It

Associate Editor

Like the schoolyard bully that asks the Jewish kid for his lunch money — and gets it, Hamas gets tons –TONS — of Israeli goods every week, even as Israel is accused of a Gaza blockade, or a Gaza boycott. Hamas is not only in a state of war with Israel, it is holding Gilad Shalit in a one-man Auschwitz. In 1944, would Israel have sent tons of humanitarian goods into Berlin, to prove how humanitarian we Tikkun Olam-types could be to Nazis, while Jews were in Auschwitz? And yet Israel sends tons of food into Hamas-controlled Gaza even when that food is surely not being shared with Shalit. Israel, of course, does not demand even one Red Cross visitation to Shalit in exchange for the tons of goods and food. At what point can Israel be doing this week after week without being considered a Hamas enabler or collaborater? If it was your child being held by a kidnapper, and if I was doing that kidnapper’s weekly grocery shopping, I’d bet you’d be more upset than anybody seems to be, especially if you were Noam Shalit, Gilad’s father, and Hamas released a sophisticated animated film of you wandering through abandoned Israeli streets, getting no help, until your son comes home in a coffin.

Hamas is right about one thing. Just about no one gives a damn about Shalit, not anywhere near as much as all the liberal Jews who are in existential angst over Israel building an apartment house in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Q: What bothers a J Street Jew more? What is more of a problem for all those leftist Jews who care about human rights? Israelis living in Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo or Gilad Shalit living in a Hamas dungeon?

A: Wow, that’s a tough one, leftist Jews will tell you, because Jews have no right to live in that corner of Jerusalem and Gilad Shalit has no right to live in Gaza.

To judge by the number of op-eds and protests, we’d have to say that J Street leftists are much more upset about Jews in Ramat Shlomo.

Hey. Hamas, how many more tons of humanitarian goods do you want next week? Try not to share it with Gilad.

Here’s a video message from Noam Shalit, made prior to the Hamas film.

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