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‘Half Shabbos’ Texting Trend Continuing

‘Half Shabbos’ Texting Trend Continuing

Social workers and psychologists working with Orthodox teens say they see trends shifting from “half Shabbos” observance, based on compulsive texting on the Sabbath, to what they now refer to as “quarter Shabbos” practice.

These teens not only use their smart-phones on the Sabbath to text each other and go to social networking sites, where they stay in touch and wish each other a “Good Shabbos,” but also watch TV in their rooms, usually on iPads or on Hulu. Some reportedly sneak out on Shabbat afternoon while their parents are napping and go to the movies, where they order popcorn (without butter).

Social workers in Englewood, N.J., and the Five Towns say they are seeing signs of “eighth Shabbos,” with young people driving to malls and going to dance clubs, but still consider themselves observant because they enjoy a piece of Mrs. Adler’s “Old Vienna” Sweet Recipe Gefilte Fish on Friday night, but without the goopy jelly.