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Go, Yankees!

Go, Yankees!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

If mankind is truly made in the image of God, I like to think that the Creator enjoys some of the same pleasures we do.

Maybe that’s why He arranged for a World Series this year uninterrupted by Shabbat or Yom Tovim, which is not always a given.

I’ll leave it up to wiser minds than mine to explore the history of Jews and baseball or delve into the more spiritual meanings of the Yankees’ return to the Fall Classic after a long drought and their being on the verge of championship number 27.

All I can say is, Go Yankees!

I won’t pretend to be a die-hard fan. I barely watched one regular season game this year, and my lifetime attendance total is an unimpressive 2 (including one at the new stadium this summer.) But I have not missed a pitch of the World Series, watching most of the games with my friends Rafi and Steve, as well as my oldest son Zack. The fact that the teams are very well matched (despite the 2-game lead for the Yanks, each game has been a battle) is almost as exciting as the calendar that allowed for complete immersion in the series.

If God loves the underdog and the downtrodden, maybe the Phillies will get a reprieve tonight. But either way. I’ll be grateful for at least five nights of distraction and excitement, a good, clean-knock down drag-out on the diamond that we stressed-out New Yorkers deserve.

And don’t feel too bad for the good people of Philadelphia. There’s always last year.

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