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Giving In To The Arabs

Giving In To The Arabs

Bravo to Gary Rosenblatt for his column’s conclusion (“The Big Lie Lives On,” Dec. 24), but along the way I’m afraid he falls into some rather deep potholes.
When Rosenblatt says there must be a two-state solution for Israel to remain Jewish and democratic, he is telling the Arabs that for absolutely nothing they are getting a mini-state. They don’t have to offer Israel peace or compromise on any of their other demands, because according to Rosenblatt, Israel must give the Arabs a state. If that is the case, why should the Arabs offer any concession on Jerusalem, control of terrorists, disavowment of Hamas, disavowment of eradicating Israel, abandoning the so-called right of return or demilitarizing their state?
As long as The Jewish Week and much of organized Jewry is shouting loud, clear and often, that the Arabs must be given a state of their own, the Arabs will sacrifice none of their maximalist agenda.

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