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Gilad Shalit – 1000 Days (and counting)

Gilad Shalit – 1000 Days (and counting)

Associate Editor

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Last week, Gilad Shalit passed Day 1000 in his captivity. Here’s a brief video shown at every school SAR day school, where everyone and everything paused, to remember, to keep the hope alive.

An interesting thing happened last week. The black-Jewish alliance, and all the Jewish secular humanists, and all the Jewish-Islam twinning groups and Amcha, the Jewish activists led by Avi Weiss and Glenn Richter, on Day 1000 held yet another vigil. This time it was not at the UN but at the Israeli consulate, the proper address for protests.

Every Wednesday morning, students only from all the Jewish denominations, even the appeasers at J Street who claim to care about Israel as much as the rest of us, all the Jews who care so much about Darfur from Ramaz, an Orthodox high school, hold a brief prayer vigil at the Iranian mission to the United Nations to keep the cause of Gilad Shalit alive. Why they meet at the Iranian mission makes no sense, Israel’s mission makes a lot more sense, but I love those kids.

I got an idea. What if Israel would invade Gaza and threaten not to leave without Shalit? I don’t know anymore.

What if Israel stopped sending pasta, cocoa and jam to the kidnappers? What if Israel stopped sending hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid to the kidnappers until Shalit is released or is allowed Red Cross visitation? (Or insisted the aid went through Egypt’s Gaza-Sinai border). If someone kidnapped your kid, would you send the kidnappers humanitarian aid, including cocoa and jam for more than two years, without your kid’s release, or without a phone call to hear your child’s voice, without knowing how your kid was being treated? I’ve said this before but my buddy Shalit is still in a Gaza dungeon.

Why do I get the feeling that if Shalit was in Gitmo more Jews would be outraged at the idea he might be torured?

What’s that you say? You’d send the kidnappers cocoa and jam? You must be Israeli. Forgive me. This is none of my business. I don’t live there, you say? You mean I should stay home like all the other Jews? Fine. Go ahead, Israel, do it your way. You’re handling this one just fine on your own. I’ll tell that to the 45 people left in New York City who care enough to take to the streets on behalf of a Jew they never met but love because he’s a Jew. I’ll tell them it’s none of their business because they don’t live there.

Shalit doesn’t live there anymore, either. Probably never will.

(The link to the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs is temporarily down so I couldn’t link it as I otherwise would. Here’s the Israeli MFA’s address if you’d like to see what items — some luxuries, some very far from necessary — that Israelis delivered into Hamas territory on some typical days last year while rockets were falling on Jewish kindergartens and Shalit was likely being tortured. I mentioned cocoa and jam, here and elsewhere because — and tell me if you think I’m going out on a limb — I’m guessing that Hamas wasn’t sharing that good Israeli cocoa and jam with Shalit:

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