Ghetto Survivors Eligible For Payment

Ghetto Survivors Eligible For Payment

For the first time, Holocaust survivors who worked for the Nazis in ghettos “without force” are eligible for a one-time Ghetto Fund payment of about $2,600, in addition to monthly German pensions. The Ghetto Fund was created in 2007 because of problems in implementing social security payments for these survivors.

“The decision represents recognition of the suffering and hardship experienced by Jews working in Nazi-era ghettos under unimaginable conditions,” said Julius Berman, chairman of the Claims Conference.

The policy change came during negotiations between Germany and representatives of the Claims Conference. Germany in 2002 began paying pensions to survivors who performed “non-forced” labor in ghettos and were paid for their work at the time. In the talks, Germany also withdrew the Dec. 31 deadline to apply for the Ghetto Fund payment.

Meanwhile, Germany continues an 18-month-old court approved re-examination 56,000 rejected social security claims. To date, 23,800 have been approved.

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