Get With The Program

Get With The Program

With regard to Gary Rosenblatt’s article, “Hillary Clinton Helps Put AJCongress Back On The Map” (March 28), I am glad he was present at our dinner honoring former Secretary Hillary Clinton and that he acknowledged that the event attracted not only one of “the world’s most respected leaders” but also an influential business and political crowd.

However, I take issue with Rosenblatt’s ongoing nostalgia for an increasingly antiquated nonprofit structure that the American Jewish Congress has moved away from. While there is certainly a role for membership-driven organizations, we are moving forward with a modern model that is focused on ensuring that the concerns and interests of the American Jewish community reach the people whose decisions matter.

As the dinner with Hillary Clinton showed, the American Jewish Congress is recognized far and wide for its unmatched ability to reach these influential audiences around the globe and move the dialogue forward on issues of civil rights, anti-Semitism, and the security of the world Jewry and the State of Israel.

Rather than opining on days past, I hope Rosenblatt can join us in our common efforts to deliver a prosperous, safe, and secure future for our community.

President, American Jewish Congress

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