Frightened By BDS

Frightened By BDS

Your editorial “Making Mischief Of The Parade” (April 11) is understandable as a plea for unity and inclusiveness. However, it ridicules and excludes those who are frightened by the growth of BDS.

The growth of BDS is in danger of becoming contagious. It could become a greater peril to Israel than military action. It is not to bedismissed casually as a simple form of political expression.

Conveying a serious message by showing storm troopers posting signs reading “Do Not Buy From Jews” reminds us older folks that Hitler created a public mindset that accepted denigration of Jews and the horrors that followed. Yes, that is how it began. If you are not worried don’t criticize those who are. They may be right.

You quote the JCRC as “bringing together the widest possible spectrum of supporters of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” The word supporters is included. Don’t leave it out. 

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