Forgets History

Forgets History

Irwin Wall doubts Israel’s motives for helping earthquake victims in Nepal
(Letters, May 15).

At the end of his letter Mr. Wall calls Israel an occupying power. He totally
forgets the history of how Israel, after the Six-Day War of 1967, offered a total withdrawal from the West Bank in exchange for a peace treaty.

like The Jewish Week. However, the fact that you allow some of the Letters to the Editor
to continue to perpetuate the lie of occupation does not do the cause of
Israel’s survival any justice. In order to be a land that is occupied, the
land has to be owned by someone. Since the West Bank was part of Jordan
prior to 1967, and Jordan has relinquished title to it, then the only status
by definition that we should refer to it as is “disputed territory.” With Mr.
Walls comments, we really don’t need enemies.


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