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‘Forever Young’ Forever And ‘In The Mixis’

‘Forever Young’ Forever And ‘In The Mixis’

Have I unfairly smeared the song “Forever Young”?

Adam Kotok has directed my attention to a lovely Hebrew cover of the song (video embedded below) done by his wife Dafna Israel-Kotok, the musician who saved my daughter’s Israel-themed birthday party. In addition to performing at parties, Dafna runs some very cool all-in-Hebrew children’s music classes called Shir Fun.

I like her “Tamid Tzair,” although it would be great if the video featured a more racially/ethnically diverse selection of families.

I was just visiting the new Hatikvah Hebrew charter school in East Brunswick, N.J., this week (stay tuned for an article in the coming weeks), and a Jewish mom there told me one of the reasons she preferred it to the nearby day schools is because she didn’t want her adopted Chinese daughter to be the only non-white kid in the class.

Speaking of diversity in American Jewish life, Paul Golin of the Jewish Outreach Institute has a post today about new multiracial dolls called “Mixis”: among them is a Latina and Jewish doll named Rosa Dominguez Katz who comes in a “beautiful sun dress that was inspired by the costumes of Latin America, and by the colours of Israel’s flag.”

With her product (self-) description (she is 12-inches tall, just a little taller than a Barbie doll), Rosa says, “At thirteen I had my Bat Mitzvah and at fifteen I had my Quinceañera –you can say I came of age twice. My family came from Mexico and as far as Israel to celebrate with me.”

The Mixis look pretty cute, although unlike Barbies, the Mixis don’t come with a lot of clothes or doo-dads. I guess kids will just have to make their own.

Of course the ultimate master of accessories, furniture and other expensive add-ons is American Girl, whose first Jewish historical doll, Rebecca Rubin was all the rage last Chanukah. One can buy over eight outfits specially designed for Rebecca, not to mention a Sabbath Set ($68!) and Hanukkah Set ($22). Apparently Rebecca pays retail.

If the Mixis do eventually get accessories, I guess the big question is: will Rosa have a menorah and Christmas tree, or just a menorah?

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