Foolhardy Objective

Foolhardy Objective

Michael Galchensky’s Opinion essay, “Multiculturalism And The Lessons From Norway” (Aug. 5), was quite disturbing. His message that diversity and multiculturalism are noble objectives is foolhardy at best.

For the U.S. to continue to flourish, diversity and multiculturalism should ultimately be in the rear-view mirror and the last step in the new arrival’s American progression.

Diversity and multiculturalism tear at the fabric of America and should always be a temporary stop on the way to Americanization.

The cheap shot at the Tea Party by the professor does not reflect well on him. These are patriotic Americans who want to reboot America to its former greatness, whereas Galchensky espouses an agenda calculated to ignite chaos.

To quote our greatest playwright, David Mamet, “in teaching the mastery of skills (the three R’s) gives the child faith in his ability to master other skills. Schools devoted to the debatable (social studies, multiculturalism and other moot topics) weaken the child.”

Mount Vernon, N.Y.

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