Focus On What’s Right

Focus On What’s Right


In the context of The Jewish Week’s recent coverage of the Gaza flotilla incident, I am disappointed to see, judging by the letters to the editor, the number of readers who continue to believe that Israel should increase its focus on international public relations. The Jewish people, and the Jewish state, will always have their critics, no matter the actions, but both will also have supporters as long as they continue to focus on doing what is right rather than what is right in the world’s image.

Israel has aspired, and should continue to aspire, to be a light unto nations, holdings its people and its soldiers accountable to the highest ethical standards, seeking to minimize collateral damage and to maximize democratic values, but most of all to assure the security and survival of the Jewish state. It is because of these goals, particularly in times like these, that Jews can and should stand tall, stand proud and stand united.


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