Flooding From Heavy Rain Shuts Down Tel Aviv

Flooding From Heavy Rain Shuts Down Tel Aviv

Traffic stood at a standstill for several hours in Tel Aviv after flooding closed a major highway.

The Ayalon Highway closed early Tuesday morning and remained closed throughout the day, as the Ayalon and Yarkon rivers overflowed in the city. The Ayalon is usually a dry riverbed.

Trains running in the Tel Aviv area also were disrupted by flooding and the city’s train stations shut down.

Israelis were asked to avoid traveling to Tel Aviv except in emergency situations.

Meanwhile, the water level of the Sea of Galilee rose 22 centimeters between Monday morning and Tuesday morning.

The Times of Israel reported that a man was rescued after he tried to navigate his kayak in the flooded Ayalon highway and the craft overturned.

The Jerusalem Post reported that 19 people were displaced and taken to shelters.

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