Favors Status Quo

Favors Status Quo

In your Sept. 16 issue you published two different opinion pieces on “Israel and the Palestinian Statehood Bid.” Michael Weil took the leftist view that Israel should “support Palestinian statehood in the strongest manner.” Mervyn Danker took the current Israeli government stance that “only a return to the peace table and negotiations” with Israel can lead to a Palestinian state.

I suggest that there is a third, more rational view. The Palestinian leaders and most of the politically active populace have done nothing since the Oslo Accords of 1993 to indicate they really want peace with Israel. There have been more terrorist attacks against Israel (with more dead Jews) since peace talks began than before. Arab leaders have rejected several offers of land transfer of 95 percent of the territory of Judea and Samaria made during peace negotiations in the past. Gaza was turned over to the Palestinians, and they voted to elect the terrorist organization Hamas as their government. The Palestinians have treated the murderers of innocent Jewish women and children as heroes.

With whom does Israel plan on making “peace”?

I submit that there is a third position, the so-called “untenable” position of the status quo. There is currently no peace partner and none for the foreseeable future. There is no Arab state currently interested in even maintaining the existing peace treaties. Just as radical Islam is taking over the “moderate” Arab countries and threatening preexisting peace treaties, the influence of Hamas and radical Islam is preventing the Palestinians from accepting the existence of Israel.

Israel’s only real choice at this time is to strengthen the Jewish character of the state — not apologize for it. It is only when we stand up for ourselves that the rest of the world will respect us. The other solutions will only lead to a weaker and weaker Israel and its eventual collapse, God forbid.

Politically, Israel has always tried to be the “good guy” in the West’s eyes. But, sadly, in the tribal Middle East, peace only comes from strength and fear. Paradoxically, the more support all Jews (especially those in America) give to the settlements in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], the sooner peace will come and last.

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