Favors Free Services

Favors Free Services

When I lived on the Upper West Side, I attended Manhattan Jewish Experience Shabbat services; Rabbi [Mark] Wildes does a stellar job with this program. However, I respectfully disagree with his views that “Judaism must be seen as something worth paying for,” and that “anything of true quality costs money,” in reference to Rabbi Wildes’ opposition to free religious services (Letters, Oct. 14).

Judaism is not an object and hence should not be treated as one that needs a “price tag.” How much were tickets going for at Har Sinai (Mount Sinai)? I am sure God was not charging then, nor do I feel it to be a requirement to elevate the status of the religion.

Birthright Israel is predicated on sending Jews to Israel free of charge. Similarly, Chabad services are not tied to ticket prices. I believe these programs are terrific, and feel the true quality is in the intention of the program and the purpose it serves and definitely not the cost.

Cedarhurst, L.I.

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