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Face Reality

Face Reality

You would be doing honor to your fine newspaper by taking readers and their letters more seriously. The Editorial, “Fresh Start On Conflict, But Wariness, Too” (Jan. 6), repeats the party line of a sympathetic administration pursuing a two-state solution, rather than acknowledging at least some doubts.
A letter published last week (“Accept Realities, Jan. 6”) captured the essence of what we all know: that the two-state solution is a political “messiah,” currently unreachable. All of the Letters published last week told other truths that we all know. The UN Security Council resolution 6223 refused to hold the Palestinians responsible for their terrorism and their ongoing unwillingness to accept a Jewish state.
Agreed, it may be unwise to label Obama anti-Semitic for going along with the anti-Semites at the UN, who are even willing to impede Jewish access to the Western Wall by putting it in “occupied” Palestinian territory. But isn’t it time for The Jewish Week to open its eyes to the latest facts on the ground and recognize that the world, for Jews, is changing, drastically?

Editor’s note: Our Editorial the previous week, “The Stain Of Abstaining” (Dec. 30), asserted that the Obama administration’s consistent mistake on the Mideast peace front was not holding the Palestinian Authority accountable and failing to recognize its refusal “to negotiate meaningfully or accept a Jewish state in the region” — points we have emphasized many times.

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