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Eurotrash Tent Sluts and Jewish Settlements

Eurotrash Tent Sluts and Jewish Settlements

Associate Editor

Europe — the continent that invented the modern totalitarian dictatorship as well as inventing "appeasement" disguised as "peace," while fine-tuning anti-Semitism to previously unknown levels…

Europe’s foreign ministers are now threatening Israel that Europe will recognize a Palestinian state if Israel doesn’t start acting like good little Jews who do what they’re told.

On the one hand this is as meaningless a threat as assimilated Jews threatening to assimilate because they don’t like AIPAC or the Conference of Presidents supporting Israel’s policies, which is why AIPAC and the Conference of Presidents were created in the first place.

There have been thousands of Orthodox Jews — and serious Jews of other denominations — who have disagreed with one Israeli policy or another over the years but somehow they never think that disagreeing with an Israeli politician is a reason to assimilate or abandon Israel. Only assimilated Jews think that. What a coincidence.

But Europe is "progressive" and "important," so let’s exam the threat.

Who, exactly, are the European people whose leaders are threatening Israel? These Europeans are the children and grandchildren of fascists, collaborators or cowards, with a few heroic exceptions, particularly among religious Christians — whose numbers are shrinking on a continent that is increasingly secular or Moslem.

These are the elite of Stockholm who gave a Nobel Peace Prize to Arafat for bringing peace to the Middle East, as did his fellow Peace laureate Obama.

These are the sophisticated French, whose well-financed. well-fed, well-equipped army with tens of thousands of soldiers quit the fight against Hitler in 28 days, about as long as it took the German army to defeat 750 starving Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, who never quit but were killed or captured staggering out of burning buildings. (These tough Jews of Europe don’t live in Europe anymore. They live in Israel. In Jerusalem. On settlements.)

These are the British — God bless Churchill’s soul — where the most popular boy’s name in England today is not Winston but Mohammed, and where Tony Blair’s sister-in-law converted to Islam, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I wonder what social justice, society-building, freedom-supporting skills those little Mohammeds are learning in their British classrooms. The BBC says they’re learning "anti-Semitic views" Wait a second. Isn’t that European Civ and Middle Eastern Studies?

These are the Swiss, who want to discuss Israel’s morality while Switzerland is legalizing incest.

These are the Belgians, whose favorite Flemish word of the year, according to a Belgian survey, is "Tentsletje," or tent slut, "a word for a woman who has multiple sexual partners at a music festival, a popular summer pastime for young people in Flanders." But you knew that.

Another hot word for Belgians is "Knoflookcrisis", or garlic crisis, "the popular term to describe the threat of euro zone contagion caused by highly indebted southern European countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal."

So if a Belgian tentsletje, or an Englishman named Mohammed, tells me that Israeli settlements are illegal and European foreign ministers threaten to support the Palestinians, well, I take that threat from whence it comes — Europe.

I’ll tell any tentsletje that asks, yes, I’ll talk anytime about the settlements and the vile, perverse idea — a very European idea, actually — that Jews may not live, that a Jewish settlement village not be allowed to exist anywhere, anywhere at all, within the confines of a Jew-free Palestine. There can not even be appeasement talks as long as there is even one settlement where a Jew is building.

This is the relentless message from the Palestinians — enabled by Obama and the "progressives" and the Europeans — regarding a settlement freeze and a Jewish freeze in Jerusalem, too. Unless Israel obeys agrees immediately to no further growth, the Palestinians have no choice but to refuse all peace talks.

The Palestinians rise to their full height and indignation, wagging their finger, "If the Israelis won’t buy the rope, we refuse to discuss the hanging."


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