‘Enough Is Enough’

‘Enough Is Enough’

We wish to express our profound and ongoing disappointment with The Jewish Week. We have subscribed for several years but our patience is exhausted. We finally concluded “enough is enough.”

We had looked forward to reading content generally supportive of Israel and mainstream Jewish causes. That, regrettably, has not been the case. Though we recognize Israel is far from perfect, too often we find ourselves frustrated — indeed disturbed — by the consistent left-leaning and unbalanced coverage of your paper.

The Jewish Week has effectively become a Jewish offshoot of The New York Times. Conservative leaders, both at home and in Israel, are consistently criticized. Their views are unfairly mischaracterized or too frequently ignored. Your coverage of the refugee issue is but one recent example. You featured an essay by Rabbi Elliott Cosgrove with which we completely disagreed. No sensible person remotely worried that Jews fleeing Europe during World War II would commit gruesome acts of terrorism in the U.S.

Your coverage has become far too unbalanced for our liking. We are not alone. Rabbi Emanuel Rackman (Jessica’s grandfather) would be turning over in his grave.


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