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Enough Dissent

Enough Dissent

How pitiful and sad it is that Peter Geffen’s op-ed in defense of Peter Beinart is printed in The Jewish Week as an attempt to explain “Why Dissent is Essential” (April 13).

Geffen seems to think that Israel does not have enough enemies surrounding it, including Iran’s Ahmadinejad who threatens Israel’s total destruction; the Palestinian Arabs who use jihadist terror, lies, indoctrination of the young, media manipulation and every possible means to undermine and destroy Israel; and the flotilla and flytilla enemies who would collaborate with Israel’s enemies.

Isn’t this enough “dissent” against the Jews and Israel? Must the voices of Peter Beinart and Peter Geffen be added to the cacophony of noise? And must The Jewish Week, with an editor who has won the respect from the Jewish community, contribute to this “sinat chinam” [hatred among Jews]?

Executive Director Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI

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