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Enough Already With The Xmas Wars!

Enough Already With The Xmas Wars!

Yikes, Chanukah has barely begun and this Christmas-Chanukah thing is starting to feel like the Chelsea (another “ch” word*) Clinton wedding: enough already!

Today, my routine blog scan turned up a response (on to a response (on the Forward’s Sisterhood blog) to a Huffington Post article entitled "8 Reasons My Interfaith Family Celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas."

Adding to the clamor, my friend Paul Golin, of the Jewish Outreach Institute, has a piece (it’s actually quite good) on Tablet “about interfaith families and the trend in Jewish media of non-intermarried Jews telling intermarried Jews not to have Christmas trees.”

All this Jewish-Jewish needling comes on the heels of Sue Fishkoff, the Kveller debates and more.

Oy. And yes, I know, I am more guilty than anyone.

So, I hereby resolve, not to print one more word about pine trees or anything else pertaining to a certain holiday that falls on Dec. 25.

At least I’ll try.

And can we get back to discussing something we can all agree on, like the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Happy Chanukah, folks!

*Incidentally, for those of you who share my obsession with words: my 5-year-old daughter has reminded me of yet another “ch” pronunciation, the softer, French-y sound, as in “Charlotte’s Web.”

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