End Of The Line For Troubled LI Caterer

End Of The Line For Troubled LI Caterer

Morrell Caterers, one of the premier kosher caterers on Long Island before senior employees accused the company in 2012 of kosher law violations, has ceased operations at all three synagogues in which it had contracts.

The company settled last year all litigation involving the Woodbury Jewish Center and ended its operations there last August. Morrell’s attorney, Gary Fischoff of Woodbury, L.I., said the company later filed for bankruptcy and then liquidation of its operations at Temple Beth Torah of Melville. In addition, he said it filed for bankruptcy protection at Temple Israel of Lawrence.

Jim Rotenberg, president of Temple Israel, said that after filing for bankruptcy Nov. 1, Morrell entered into a stipulation agreement with the congregation in which it agreed to make specified payments beginning Feb. 1. When it failed to make the February payment, he said, “We served what was essentially eviction papers on Feb. 3 giving them 10 days to leave, which they did.”

Rotenberg said the synagogue is now interviewing other caterers, and that the Carlyle Catering is handling the parties of congregants that had been booked with Morrell.

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