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‘End of Days’ Friend Better Than ‘These Days’ Frenemy

‘End of Days’ Friend Better Than ‘These Days’ Frenemy

Associate Editor

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

So let’s see, I’m not supposed to be questioning Obama when he condemns Jews — but not Moslems — building inside Jerusalem, but I am supposed to be condescending or fearful that Sarah Palin supports Jewish Jerusalem and Jewish settlements? Why, because her support seems to be evangelical-based? And what religion or ideology is Barack Hussein Obama’s obsession against Jews in Jerusalem based on? His time with Jeremiah Wright or his time with Rashid Khalidi? Or can we only bring up evangelical echoes in Palin but not those other echoes in Obama?

After laughing at Palin’s inexperience regarding foreign affairs, where has Obama demonstrated any skills in foreign affairs whatsoever? Even the Times says Obama is flunking Diplomacy 101. And here’s Peggy Noonan on why the photo of Obama’s obsequious bowing in Japan is becoming an iconic image.

I’m more fearful of Obama these days than I am of Palin and Christians in the End of Days. Because “these days” are here, and the Christian “End of Days” never will be. Strange, how the Jews who are the most disconnected from religion seem to be the most afraid when a Christian speaks of a far-off prophecy that those Jews don’t really believe will happen.

Here’s Seth Lipsky’s insights on Palin and the settlements.

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