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Election Day: One Party Will Protect Me, One Party Won’t

Election Day: One Party Will Protect Me, One Party Won’t

Associate Editor

Here’s something to think about on Election Day. One party is Congress is almost always for Israel, one is not. Guess which?

Here’s another guide to voters. 160 congressmen signed up with J Street when that thoroughly discredited and very anti-Israel organization — check this out, too — held its gala dinner. Check out this list. See if you can find the congressman or senator who represents you. Democrats are jumping off of J Street like the proverbial rats off a sinking ship. You can vote on the rest.

Democrats, and J Street people, lined right up behind Obama when his administration was collectively livid and more intent on punishing Israel for building an apartment house in a Jewish neighborhood (during Biden’s visit) than the administration was ever angry about Jews being shot on West Bank roads or the Der Sturmer-like anti-Semitic incitement in the Palestinian media. To listen to Obama and most Democratic politicians, Jews building in Jerusalem was the most outrageous thing that happened in the Middle East this year. How many Democratic congressmen stood up and spoke truth to Obama’s bully pulpit?

But the more Obama Democrats railed at Israel about one Obama-manufactured crisis after another — and the more leftist Jews rallied to their president — , the more Americans rallied to Israel’s defense. Support for Israel, according to a Gallup poll earlier this year, showed that for the first time since 1991, more than 6 out of 10 Americans — 63 percent — support Israel. 15 percent support the Palestinians. But here’s the kicker to keep in mind on Election Day: 85 percent of Republicans say they support Israel, while only 48 percent of Democrats do. At a time when the delegitimization of Israel has gathered feverish speed on the campus, and in the United Nations, and among the bold-name celebrities, which party seems to be more likely to speak up for Israel? This is where Obama has been leading America.

Funny, to hear the Democrats tell it. All the Americans who voted for a black man to be our president proved America was not a racist country, the pundits crowed. Now that we say that Emperor Obama has no clothes, suddenly we all became racists again. To hear the Democrats tell it, agree with Obama, you’re "progressive." Disagree with Obama, you’re a racist. To the Democrats, racism is no longer a cause but a cudgel.

Expect to be told, in the run-up to Election Day, that the Tea Party is really anti-Semitic, even though there have been no incidents of anti-Semitism. Democrats and certain Jewish opinion-makers are OK with selling that kind of fear. How about the anti-Semitism in certain black churches, like Obama’s old church in Chicago? How about the anti-Semitism on the left? How about the anti-Semitism and the anti-Semitic terror being hatched in American mosques? We should be more afraid of the Tea Party?

The leftists have contempt for you if you fear radical Islam. Islam is what you are not supposed to be afraid of, say Democratic leaders and leftist rabbis. No, you should be more afraid of Republicans.

Should we be more afraid of the left? Under Obama, unemployment has soared. Employers and workers are equally insecure. For those who get health insurance from their job, that health insurance is now more likely to be dropped, not less. For all the talk about education, the so-called stimulus went to Democrat pork barrels, not to education. State colleges are being cut to the bone and too many urban public schools are violent and unfit for learning. A president who bullies Israel leads an America where bullying is on the rise. For all the talk about caring for the environment, the Gulf of Mexico filled with black oil while the party of the environment waited for the oil company to do something, and then they waited some more while the gulf coast economy withered.

Should we be afraid of the left? There is more ugliness spoken about Israel on any one liberal arts college than in the entire Tea Party across all 50 states, but the Democrat Jewish leaders say you should be more afraid of the Tea Party that afraid of how our finest universities have become polluted with anti-Zionism.

If you say you’re afraid of the unknowns in Islam, you’ll get fired by NPR — silenced. Free speech ends where political correctness begins. The Obama White House will not use words such as "jihad" or "Islamic terror." You’re not supposed to be — you better not be — afraid of radical Islam, say Democrats, better to be afraid of Republicans.

I’ve listened to the Democrats. I’ve been paying attention. I’m convinced that one party will protect me and one party won’t.

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