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Egypt And Iran

Egypt And Iran

The picture this week of Egypt’s President Morsi greeting Iranian President Ahmadinejad as he disembarked at Cairo airport for the first visit to Egypt by Iranian head of state since 1979 is frightening (“Amadinejad Visits Cairo, Says He’d Like To Go To Gaza,” on

The dramatic change in Egypt during the past year with increasing hostility to Israel presents an increasing threat to completely encircle Israel and destroy it. With the north of Israel controlled by terrorist Hezbollah, the east effectively sealed by volatile Syria and now the west closing the noose with the transformation ongoing in Egypt, this virtual threat is coming all to close to reality.

Moreover, a strengthening of ties with Iran as it moves closer to producing nuclear weapons is terrifying. Unless serious action is taken now there may soon be nuclear weapons in Egypt to Israel’s west on top of the unstable chemical and biological weapons to the East in Syria. Israel is endangered and U.S. interests in the Mideast are endangered.

Therefore, it is time to re-evaluate the $1.3 billion in assistance to Egypt as it moves against U.S. interests. Moreover, we must never let Iran get nuclear weapons, which they might use or transfer to terrorist organizations.

These are critical to maintain our freedoms and the freedom of democratic people around the world

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