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Double Standard

Double Standard

Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Painful Path Toward Relocating Settlers” (Dec. 17) includes several assumptions that need to be challenged.
One is that Jews need to be uprooted from the heartland of the Land of Israel; from Hebron, Beit El, The City of David, Har Bracha, so that there can be created a Palestinian state without a Jewish minority. And that Arabs may remain in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc., and peace will follow.
Why is there polite public discourse about ethnic cleansing of future Palestinian territory and forcible transfer of Jews without parallel arrangements for the creation of the newly defined Jewish State?
If the world is so anxious to back a Palestinian “apartheid” state, they should be just as thrilled to create ours along parallel lines.

Teaneck, NJ

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