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Don’t Judge by Gaffes ALone

Don’t Judge by Gaffes ALone

Obama and Who Is Without Brain-Freeze Cast The First Stone

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has taken to the airwaves to poke fun at himself for the embarrassing malfunction he suffered during Took to the airwaves

Weeks qafter rick perry malfunctioned in the middle of a Republican debate, commentators are still buzzing about whether he is presidential material.

Without getting into whether or not he is, it seems pretty unfair to judge the man so harshly based on a moment that could happen and probably has happened to everyone else on earth. Who hasn’t stumbled for a word in the middle of a conversation or failed to come up with an answer we know we know during a test. And that’s without millions of people watching in a high stakes debate. No one wants a president to be a deer in the headlights during a crisis, but that’s why presidents are surrounded by aides and advisors and chiefs of staff whose job it is to make sure he has information at his fingertips and doesn’t have to rely totally on memory. We hire presidents because of their principles and accomplishments, not their ability to win on jeopardy.

This reminds me of Howard Dean, who was the Democrat frontrunner in 2004 – up until that infamous night after a campaign victory when he unleashed the infamous shriek and his popularity began to tank. Up until then people liked his ideas, positions and accomplishments. But we just couldn’t let a guy who’s socially awkward when excited anywhere near the nuclear button. We Americans arent’t just a fickle lot, but a superficial one. We want our leaders to be human, and we recoil from them when they’re more human than we like.

John Edwards, who benefited from Dean’s gaffe when John Kerry surged and made Edwards his running mate, never shrieked or froze in front of a camera and was always polished and well-spoken and camera-ready. And he turned out to be a cheating dirtbag who could very well have been the first vice president indicted while in office if he and Kerry had won two terms.

Judge the heck out of Rick Perry for his social positions, speical olumpics'

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