Don’t Forget Shalit

Don’t Forget Shalit

It is tragic that whiskey unites American Jewry more than the cries of Staff Sergeant Gilad Shalit (“In The Israel Boycott War … New Shots,” July 8).

The boycott against distilleries in Scotland is a misled attempt to take a small (meaningless) stand against a much larger movement to delegitimize Israel.

As we pass the five-year mark on Shalit’s capture, our time and resources would be better spent pressuring President Barack Obama and Congress to halt all aid to the Hamas-aligned Palestinian Authority until Shalit is released. Somehow we have forgotten that the American Jewish community was able to give voice to the millions of Soviet Jews suffering persecution in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Surely one soul rotting in “Gulag of Gaza” is worth our time, attention, and concerted effort.


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