Don’t Blame Poland Unfairly

Don’t Blame Poland Unfairly

May I point out that it is not only Jewish property that has not been returned after the fall of Communism (“Poland’s Foreign Minister Misspeaks On Restitution,” Opinion, April 8)?

I would find it utterly unfair if only Jewish property was returned to its rightful owners. Just like it is unfair that property belonging only to religious institutions was returned. There are many more people in Poland waiting for some kind of restitution to happen.

As unfortunate as it may seem I do not believe that it is in any way anti-Semitic of the Polish government.

Menachem Rosensaft’s call to boycott the Polish economy is, on the other hand, very unfair towards a country that was home to many of your grandparents and that only started “bouncing back” after 50 years of Communist rule.

Similarly unfair is the fact that he brings up single incidents from a long Polish-Jewish history that, as much as they are reprehensible, do not do justice to the Polish nation and the attitude towards our Jewish compatriots in World War II.

There is no point in the “blame game.” Rosensaft is not going to gain respect for this cause by his comments. Many, on the other hand, will be disgusted by these comments which, by the way, will fuel anti-Semitic idiots for months, if not years, to come.

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