Doesn’t Trust Obama

Doesn’t Trust Obama

I am unhappy with the content of James Besser’s analysis (“Election Won’t Alter U.S. Mideast Policy,” Oct. 19).

His defense of President Barack Obama combined with his view that Jews need not be concerned about his re-election is not realistic. To state that Obama will be restrained, if re-elected, by existing forces bears no relation to reality. 

Obama is an ideologue who will do whatever he can unless restrained by outside forces. With the re-election concern out of the picture there will be far less restraint upon him than exists today. Even with that restraint in place he mistreated the Israeli prime minister and Israeli nation. That relationship will not improve under a second administration. It will be a long four years for Israel if Obama wins. The Iran threat will not disappear, but the American effort to stop Iran will. It is much easier to provide an analysis. It will be far more difficult for the nation of Israel to face the world on its own.


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