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Disturbing Parallels

Disturbing Parallels

In reading the Aug. 7 edition of The Jewish Week, clarification has finally been
given to what is going on Israel. It is not Iran that will destroy Israel but
the intolerance of certain factions that are undermining the fabric of
Israel (“Twin Cases Of Extremism Spark Calls For Crackdown” and Joseph Rackman’s Opinion piece, “The Greatest Threat To Israel Is Not Iran”).

A prime minister who sold his country to the charedi community. Extremists who are not arrested for violent acts not only against Arabs but
Jews as well. Americans dictating where to impose settlements — even though
none of them will ever live there. These are the reasons the Beit Hamikdash [Holy Temple] was destroyed — not because of Obama and Iran, but because of
a corrupt Kohen Gadol (High Priest), idolatry and immorality that was prevalent in
that era. Not so much different then today.


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