Disturbed By Sensational Claims

Disturbed By Sensational Claims

 I was heartened by your editorial supporting the voices of moderate Islam in our city (“A Mosque Near Ground Zero,” July 30).

Like many others in our community, I have been deeply disturbed by the escalating volume of sensational claims regarding the proposed Cordoba Center — an initiative that seeks to promote tolerance and mutual understating in one of the world’s most diverse cities. Hostility to this project and its proponents, whether driven by anti-Muslim bias or by misplaced post-9/11 empathy, should not be driving New York’s public policy.

As Jews, Americans and New Yorkers, we embrace and encourage a diverse and civil community. Our Jewish and democratic values are not served by those who cannot imagine the respectful and valuable contribution of an American Muslim initiative like the Cordoba Center.  

Thank you to The Jewish Week for standing up to these regressive voices.



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