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Distraught And Offended

Distraught And Offended

I am distraught and personally offended by the article written about Rav Bina (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far”? Jan. 27).

I am currently a second-year student in Netiv Aryeh, and starting army service this coming March. I am doing the army through Hesder [a program combining yeshiva study and army service]. Coming back [for a second year of yeshiva study] to start my Hesder, I was advised by some to go to an all-Israeli yeshiva so that I go into the army knowing more people. Both my parents and I, without even thinking twice, chose at least another year with Rav Bina. He is an incredible person who cares about every single student in Netiv and does more for all his students than any other rebbe out there that I’ve encountered and been told about.

You should be ashamed for publishing this article. And if someone says he is “off the derech” [no longer observant] because of Rav Bina, he’s lying to you and worse, to himself. He’s just a pathetic person who couldn’t care less about halachos [Jewish law] and finally found an excuse to not keep any.


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