Discovering Israel Through Food

Discovering Israel Through Food

Israeli Consul General Ido Aharoni makes some very good points about widening the discussion
about Israel on college campuses (“Widen The Israel Discussion On Campus,” Opinion, Feb. 20).

I was among the 72 percent of Americans who didn’t
much care about Israel, until I went for the first time four years ago. Finally, Israel became real to me. What I discovered is a caring people with
70 cultures — Jewish, Arab, Palestinian, Christian, Druze — saving and
updating amazing food traditions, fantastic restaurants, remarkable wine and
cheese, produce as good as any in the world.

When I returned home, my friends were skeptical. We see only bad news in the
media focusing on politics and strife, not about the people, their
accomplishments and day-to-day struggles. I decided to make a film about the
Israeli people told through food called “The Search for Israeli Cuisine” ( It will be a two-hour PBS special. We filmed at
over 100 locations all over Israel and will begin to edit this spring, completion in the fall.


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